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When materials fail, they do so for a number of reasons: fatigue, overload, creep, corrosion, erosion, poor welds, wear, improper materials, design, manufacturing, defects, modifications, poor maintenance, and misuse. EPI Materials Testing Group has extensive experience in performing field and laboratory investigations into the root cause of material failures. Our experience in design of products enables a unique perspective to perform failure analysis on a variety of products and processes. Our findings have been used to help clients make informed decisions and provide the support needed to derive meaningful answers in difficult litigation issues. We are always available for consultation via phone, email , or even stopping by our fully-equipped facility and offices in Spring, North Houston area, off Rayford Road.


Often EPI MTG is required to visit the site of an accident or failure to conduct thorough documentation and collection of evidence before conditions change. Our staff is on call around the clock to respond to critical situations immediately. EPI MTG also provides expert witness testimony to present understandable technical evaluations of accident and failure events.


EPI MTG’s engineering core will quickly and decisively guide clients through the intricacies of failure analsyis when the unfortunate failure of materials and machinery occurs. We have experience in many industries: Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Sub-Sea, Maritime and many other different fields.


EPI MTG is fully equipped to host multi-party testing and inspections for supporting of litigation, insurance, warranty claim, and in-house failure analyses.Multiple meeting spaces and large inspection areas, private meeting rooms with the latest technology and multi-media equipment available make our facility ideal for a variety of multi-party groups and meetings. Our knowledgeable and experienced professional engineers and technicians are also available to perform testing on our state-of-the-art metallurgical and chemical analysis equipment to complete the process. Contact us today for pricing and availability.



EPI MTG offers a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to Expert Witness testimony and Litigation support from our team of expert and industry specialized Professional Engineers, with a combined 50+ years of experience. Our Experts have testified in State, Federal, and International Arbitrations, providing support for plaintiffs and defendants. EPI MTG specializes in Forensic Engineering in order to support the numerous worldwide firms that are our clients.

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