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Engineering Services

EPI MTG boasts a fully capable staff of Professional Engineers to assist in all your complex projects, testing, and design needs. We have set a high standard in work product quality that our team of highly trained engineers and technicians take great pride in achieving and delivering to clients. EPI MTG’s Mechanical Engineers have designed and analyzed hundreds of threads and components that are currently downhole in oil wells or utilized in the oil & gas industry for large cap international OEM’s. Our Metallurgists will ensure you select the right material for your specific loading and environmental conditions. Please feel free to call and discuss your project, and we can design a work scope to meet your goals. Feel free to stop in and see us in the Spring, North Houston area, off Rayford Road anytime for an engineering consultation at our fully equipped facility. 

FEA (Finite Element Analsyis)

EPI MTG uses the latest software from SoildWorks, Excel, and ANSYS to generate 3D models, perform advanced mathematical calculations, and complete complex Finite Element Analyses for a wide range of products and load combinations. With extensive FEA experience, thorough knowledge of material properties, and advanced materials lab capabilities, EPI MTG offers a comprehensive solution for nonlinear FEA with real material properties.

Custom testing set-ups

Our team of Professional Engineers can design and create models and apparatus for customized testing needs.

Materials Selection, Project Management

EPI MTG brings a wealth of experience to the table when it comes to materials selection and engineering analyses to assist in high-level project management. Our team of engineers have cumulative experience in many fields of production, manufacturing, and materials in order to meet the ever continuing demands of pushing the design envelope and environments.

3D Design and Printing, Rapid Prototyping

EPI MTG employs a highly-skilled team of Professional Engineers that can assist in computer-aided drafting for design and rapid prototyping or any customized requirements. For litigation support, we have extensive experience creating 3D models of lost or unrecoverable evidence. In addition, we can utilize our 3D Printer to produce physical models that can be used as demonstratives in the courtroom.



EPI MTG offers a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to Expert Witness testimony and Litigation support from our team of expert and industry specialized Professional Engineers, with a combined 50+ years of experience. Our Experts have testified in State, Federal, and International Arbitrations, providing support for plaintiffs and defendants. EPI MTG specializes in Forensic Engineering in order to support the numerous worldwide firms that are our clients.

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